BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The true story of Madeleine McCann (part 1 - The Initial Storm)

BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The true story of Madeleine McCann (part 1 - The Initial Storm)

BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The true story of Madeleine McCann (part 2 - Dogs Don't Lie)

BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA The true story of Madeleine McCann part 3 Private Investigations


BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA The true story of Madeleine McCann part 4 Government Agents


BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA PART 5 OF 5 The Phantoms The true story of Madeline McCann

The Madeleine McCann disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of our time and has generated thousands of front page headlines. Despite the unprecedented coverage, few people have detailed understanding of the evidence of the case. Mainstream media has been used to create diversion and confusion over what really happened, rather than inform their readers of the facts. We present the most detailed documentary yet produced about this case. Focusing on witness statements, physical and circumstantial evidence, media articles, police photographs and more leaving the viewer with a comprehensive understanding of the facts. Once the facts are laid bare, mainstream media are shown to be nothing more than a tool of propaganda in the hands of those trying to control the public's perception of reality for a range of nefarious purposes.

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I can't get passed leaving children so young without a baby sitter. i don;t care if you're only 15, 20,30 or 100metres away, you DO NOT leave toddlers unattended! Bloody negligence.
no neglect = no abduction = no alibi
+Delane and Megan i feel the same , i am a mum and i would never even think about leaving my son on his own at home never mind being abroad , i remember having the thought when this happened a number of things that were not right , if the parents were of working class back ground im sure that this would have been reported in the media so differently , the parents would have been crusified by the press and the public , but because these parents have friends in high places ????Also i really belive that they gave thier kids sedatives .... come on 3 kids all asleep by 7pm , really , i also think that they gave poor Madeleine an overdose , shame on them , thats just what i think and i have only watched 40 mins of the doc . poor baby Madeline xxx
Yeah 3 under 4 asleep by 7pm in Summer without anything? In my dreams!
Masquer les réponses 
Lets be honest, we all know the parents killed her own daughter. They did not want to, but it happened.
Oh yes !!! Where are they then ? 
The McCanns had an audience with the Pope just 27 days after the night Madeleine "disappeared". They kissed his papal ring and the Pope touched pictures they both brought for him of their children. A little odd, no?

+SuperFailism are you one of those clever pricks that wants everyone to know he knows about Swedish etymology? A closet psychopath who believes he can successfully mask it by ejaculating altruistic sentiments into the faces of a gullible audience and by only associating with the kind of women that make you look good. You are the product of the knock kneed class joke who went off and built up all his muscles and now wiles away his time pontificating crap while making sure to intersperse ev-ery sin-gal paragraph with transparently sneeky references to the gym or self defence mechanisms... so do go on, you were about to type something about Swedish etymology :D
+Jake Colburn "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" Science. Nah Fuck isn't a abbreviation. I guess I was talking in the range of Swedish etymology which means to strike.
Profile: Paedophiles are known for having jobs around/near children. Fact: One of the McCanns holdiay friends has a job where there is immediate contact with minors. Fact: His wife was the only one who saw the so called abductor, and gave at least two wrong discriptions, before settling for a final one.

+Mila Mad >> its a shame the 2 sniffer dogs could not make a statement. michael walker is paid to troll every video , probably by the mccann fund.
+Mila Mad >>> try and ignore mr walker, he considers himself the only expert on this case.
ruth bashford 
What I really can't understand is why, apparently sane and rational people, (and I do exclude Michael Walker and Jane Byfield) could possibly believe the McCann's abduction fairy-tale?  Their story is complete nonsense.
Carrie Richards 
totally agree
Donna Q 
+ruth bashford; 100% agree.
Patricia Treslove 
Would you want any of this crowd as your Doctor?
Patricia Treslove 
+ghosthunter kath That made me laugh, thank you I really needed it. i hadn't seen that about his brother, yes it makes you worry, if I lived in that area I would move. Even if she has been abducted, what ever she has gone through is down to their neglect, I wonder if she would even remember them, and if she did, how would she deal with what they did. Thanks again for the laugh. Pat
ghosthunter kath 
+Patricia Treslove You're welcome , it's good to laugh ( especially at dear Michael ! ) Personally I'm more in favour of alternative practices , homeopathy etc can't remember the last time I saw a G.P. If Madeleine had been abducted and was found , she is still a Ward Of Court would they allow her to return to the family who "lost "her ? Would Kate want her to read the book she wrote you know the one about "the Truth " , the book where she talks about their sex lives and about her daughters "perfect little genitals being torn apart " . Gross , I hope the twins never read it either , the time is coming when they will read the P.J Files for themselves and will come to their own conclusions and ask their own questions of their parents . Justice peace and truth for the three of them ( from a pious and judgemental troll ha ha )
ruth bashford 
How many men would not remember what a naked woman wrapped only in a towel was wearing?  Is David Payne lying to cover up the fact that Madeleine was already dead by 6.30?
Foghorn Leghorn 
David Payne, how did you get the scars on the left side of your face? It was somebody's right fist after catching you in a heinous act wasn't it?
Stephanie Wilson 
These people all have money and are educated, why not use the babysitting service?
Josh Horváth 
Nothing would please me more than having half an hour in a locked room with Kate and Gerry McCann. I don't care how much public support or money they have; they are worthless lying vermin and need some sort of comeuppance. Fucking despicable pair of total cunts.
Shanez Veganess 
This sounds like an abduction to take a girl to be a sex slave or sacrifice for the Kabal cartels ... who else could cover up a missing small child this well.
Louise Marsh 
That's what I thought
I tremendously appreciated the amount of time, effort and dedication you have put in this.
Donna Q 
+TheDoomWaffles well said
Christopher Rowan 
The world is run by satanistic individuals; namely the Illuminati. Who owns the media corporations? The Illuminati!
Phil James 
+Christopher Rowan Do you smoke weed by any chance...
Louise Marsh 
Why cause he actually thinks, and is right
Trond Hansen 
Ive allways wondered if the deep dark web was and is investigated...
Kephre McGuinness 
This is the Finest piece of CASE BUILDING that I have ever seen, including the entire panoply of all of the (extensive) JFK assasination investigations.... Well done Richard D. magnificent work
Kephre McGuinness 
You must be an American; I will draw you some pictures, would you prefer chalk, crayon. pencil, or old fashioned 'finger painting'?
Di Stradart 
The greatest scam of modern politics and era… A psychopathic pedophile ring so powerful, so organized, so protected, so well knitted throughout the world, with the most disgusting humans breathing on the face of this earth at its head, from 10 Downing St. right down to the most obscure businesses and professionals protecting it while killing, raping, and amusing themselves with money laundering worth millions, giving each other a chance at lavishing lifestyles and keeping each other in order with threats. The parasitic McCanns were just a perfect meal for them. They had to find and ditch millions to keep that murder and God knows how many others they were involved in under the blanket. Many dirty rats from the ring just jumped on the bandwagon to enrich themselves as this was a perfect situation with global press-titute gone wild. As long as people, citizens of the world will not decide to face the truth, to take it in their own hands, this will not only continue, but its venomous tentacles will become ever more violent, and the psychopaths of this world will continue to rule the world. I'm sure most of you have already forgotten the part where a doctor recalls a conversation that Gerry McCann and his doctor friend were having on the patio… That is just one example of how you are being mind controlled and that your attention span is being destroyed… This is just one reason why you are watching and DOING NOTHING!
+Eloise Sinclair At least you acknowledge that the problem is there.
Naturally Natasha 
Di - You are right. Elite Pedophilia is at the heart of this case.
Andrew Bryant pianotunerbristol 
She's an actress
eye light 
+Andrew Bryant pianotunerbristol You got that right
Donna Q 
+eye light 100% agree
if they werent doctors and didnt have a suspiciously instant media damage control machine they would be inside now....
phillip Lawson 
Kate is protecting jerry thier both involved they know exactly what occurred.
Kalex Murs 
just a thought, could this video not be given to any police establishment as some kind of evidence? its all here in clear view, i'm only 50 mins in and it is blatantly obvious something is suspicious...
It's all regarded as speculation and vigilante evidence. Not admissible in court.
Richie T 
Why do we all keep arguing with this dirty little paedophile MICHAEL WALKER... Lets all just cuss him.. He will deny anything he knows he's caught out on, because he'll start calling you St.. Or Troll... Everyone please dislike every comment he writes... We know were right... I'm telling you right now... Maddie is dead fact... It's silly arguing, because he'll never admit... And walker you said you wouldn't let NORFOLK ENCHANTS look after a baby.. Id trust this person... You WALKER, I wouldn't even let you see him, what so you can stand there with a HARD ON, having SEXUALLY SICK THOUGHTS OVER A CHILD... YOUR A PAEDOPHILE, I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT WALKER... YOUR THE ONLY TRUTH, SEE YOU DENY THINGS, WHICH THE MCCANN'S THEMSELVES HAVE ADMITTED IN VIDEOS... YOU SAID ABOUT THE WOMAN WHO HEARD MADDIE SCREAMING.... I don't doubt she was being abused by someone... Absolutely impossible to check every 10 mins... Takes the long to walk 100 yards, check then walk back... So what was it fuckin musical chairs you bell end... Also get out of this one... Cause this is the killer question... Get out this one.. Lets just suppose this is truthful we know its not but here goes... You say they were checked every 10 mins.... So WALKER, when JANE TANNER said she saw the abductor yes! Well she states she saw Gerry talking to another man, so Gerry must of been going to check yes, so why was Jane going to check as well.?? Take 2 does it... Explain that.. Were at a table us lot ok , we check regularly, how would you not notice a friend walk past, what they wouldn't say, just going to check the kids Gerry, ok ty Jane... No he doesn't see her walk straight past... Now she see the abduction yes!! So where was Gerry going, and where was Jane going... Yet if she'd seen the abduction when either went to check... Listen you don't listen at a bloody door.. You push it quietly, quickly check all 3 babies to me are there... Then id say ty to the babysitter... No one in the healthy right mind, would leave their children alone... Yes we do it at home because were there, any noise we check... Not fkin party every bloody night... Tell me it was maddies birthday the next day... I saw zero presents, even in the daytime they got rid of her all day.... Tell me when they spent time with their kids on the holiday... If you go with adults, you would leave your children with Nan & grandad, or aunty & uncle, then you can enjoy yourself... You don't take 2 babies n a toddler and leave them... What you fail to comprehend about that Walker, worries me... Your a nonse... No two ways about it.. I'll discuss with.others but you its pointless, it will be you've been to prison, ur a troll blah blah blah... My children are safe, will never get abused... Their never left alone, my boys 6.. I don't let him play out the front... In the garden all good.. If you can take him, with my dog watching him... Id give you a gold medal... So stop your utter and complete BULLSHIT now WALKER... You really are a broken record... Or you just re loop the same lies over and over..... Everyone please dislike every comment he makes and lets jog this nonse on.. Bye Walker...


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