Do not touch my cancers!


Yes, do not you especially advise to approach my cancers!

They are my property and I do not ask anyone to look after them or track them down.

To understand this strange title, you should have already read my editorial in the December issue of Neosanté.

But since it has not been published yet, I can tell you the content: it contains an excerpt from the last book of Rachel Campergue (see my weekly letter of October 15) which decrypts the propaganda of October Rose in favor of mammography under the guise of breast cancer awareness, as well as an article revealing that Canadian health authorities are officially challenging PSA screening for prostate cancer.


In my editorial, I briefly describe why the hunt for cancer is a scam coupled with a trap, especially because of falsely positive examinations and the phenomenon of overdiagnosis.

This eloquent term refers to the fact now accepted by science that cancer is not a disease that progresses inevitably in the absence of treatment.

It can be asymptomatic, remain so for a very long time, or even regress until it becomes undetectable, which is equivalent to spontaneous healing.


Nothing says that some cancerous cells will multiply and form a tumor, nor that a possible tumor will pose a problem to the wearer. In Canada, for example, experts have estimated that seven in seven dead in seventy are "affected" by prostate cancer undetected before their death.

They were sick, but they did not know it! This amazing statement reminded me of a study that I unfortunately did not find the exact references. Carried out by the US Army on soldiers who died during the Korean War (or Vietnam, I do not know), it showed that many autopsied bodies contained undiscovered cancerous foci before the fatal battle.

Many of these young people who died at the front had cancer, sometimes several, without even realizing it.

Feared as an evil monster, the crab is actually a small beast that often remains in the larval stage and rarely reaches a truly pathological size.


That is why it is important to debunk the myth of screening and its alleged benefits. Without even mentioning their intrinsic dangers, mammograms, colonoscopies, rectal examinations and other blood tests lead to useless treatment of many microcancers that could have remained embryonic or resorbed naturally.


For the researcher Bernard Junod, emeritus professor at the School of Public Health in Rennes, it is simply the classic definition of the disease that is false and that should be changed urgently.

In France alone, he explained in June 2012, the estimated number of overdiagnostics is 36,000 per year for breast cancer alone.

And among the victims of this excessive detection, a large majority will be irradiated, chemically attacked and / or surgically mutilated without any real need.

If you want to (re) read the words of Bernard Junod, know that this scraping interview is available for free online by  following this link.


In practically all our organs, he reveals again, cells divide and organize themselves in such a way that we can take them for cancers while the tissues are healthy. In other words, what we are screening for is not always the very beginning of a silent illness destined to remain harmless. Some of the well-being coveted by Dr. Knock's followers are not even sick people who do not know each other!


Personally, I will never get tested for anything. For the reasons mentioned above, but also because my vision of cancer has been completely changed by the discovery of its biological meaning. Twenty-five years ago, when I saw Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer succeed in diagnosing cancers, locating their site of appearance and describing their stage of evolution solely on the basis of brain scans, I have first realized that the disease was a program started by the brain.


There are of course many risk factors (tobacco, alcohol, pollution, junk food ...) that promote its development, but there is little doubt in my eyes that stress and emotional shocks play a predominant causal role.


As I became more familiar with the work of the German doctor, I then realized the prodigious extent of his major discovery that diseases are not deadly programs, but survival solutions. Somatization is the means found by nature so that living beings are not immediately overwhelmed by their psycho-emotional conflicts. Far from being an anarchic and insane process, cancerization also responds to a vital logic, that of choosing a lesser evil in case of a potentially lethal threat.


Now, for our archaic brain, mortal danger is everywhere present in our modern lives. In response to these anachronistic interpretations, we make cancers much more often than we think, perhaps even every day that God does. For the most part, the microtumers are resorbed naturally or never reach a problematic dimension. For example, a study just showed that ganglia less than 3 mm were generally harmless to the colon. It is the mania of tracking them that turns these benign minicancers into unnecessarily alarming signals.


Like everyone else, I am therefore most likely "sick" of cancer as I speak to you. We all have oncogenes and we have 300 to 400 cancer cells permanently in our body. The day before yesterday, I felt a sharp pain at the height of the prostate. Yesterday, I had a "tip" in the right lung. Tomorrow, I may have a stomach reflux or a small anal bleeding. And then, do I worry? No. My unconscious brain wants me well and my body works for me.


A few years ago, there were some rather disturbing things in my skull, like dark crashes and electric shocks. I did not consult and it happened alone. On several occasions, too, I discovered "little balls" in the testicles, and even a big, hard ball. I did not do anything and they broke up gradually. Once again, a point of beauty began to proliferate on my shoulder, until reaching several square centimeters. Melanoma?


I'll never know and I do not care since the plate has evaporated despite my excessive taste for the sun.

In short, I rely quietly on my self-healing abilities and constantly trivialize what happens to me.

One of my favorite ways is humorous dramatization.

I trivialize cancer by seeing it everywhere at the slightest symptom.

Small stomach ache?

My intestinal cancer.

A tenacious cough?

It's my lung tumor.


I have a nose cancer.

My children are used to it and they also laugh at the second degree.

As I do not have a doctor and almost never take medication, they understand that I do not make fun of the cancer declared, nor of course true cancer, but that I apply concretely my philosophy of carelessness.

Neoplasia is an event that should not be taken too quickly, or you risk putting your finger in the oncological cycle at the expense of good biological sense.


For me, it is out of the question to be carefully examined or make "checks" with great medical technology. I throw in the trash all the invitations to the screening addressed to the men of my age and the day is not yet come where a proctologist will put my finger in the ass.


If I have cancer, it is mine and I forbid anyone to disturb it. In any case, all I know about the biological meaning of diseases would help me not to take a tragic diagnosis tragically, and even a pessimistic prognosis. There is also very little chance that I rely on classical medicine to treat a proven tumor.


So I have something else to do but look for cancer. And am I not the publisher of Boris Sirbey? In his book "The truth about cancer that medicine does not tell you yet", this young philosopher of science in Paris tells how he discovered the real reasons for the premature death of his mother and how the findings of Dr. Hamer have fully sealed his thirst for understanding cancer.


This book explains brightly that, far from being reduced to a simple matter of genetics and harmful products, this disease is always in close relationship with the emotional experience.

If I tell you about it, it's because I'm continuing, as promised, my big destocking operation.

By clicking here or below, you can get the book for € 16 all inclusive, without shipping costs in any European country (*). Happy reading to all those who will enjoy this unique opportunity!

Yves Rasir


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