False flag Sandy Hook Link Collection

A collection of the various links collected over the past year and a half.

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

United Way extends condolences three days early

Sandy Hook Hoax

Some may be broken.


Full Show Special : SANDY HOOK A-Z
Scrapbook 2011-2012
APNewsBreak: $70,000 in Newtown donations missing - GreenwichTime
State Plans Friday Release Of Investigative Documents On Newtown Shooting -
State police: State Police Commissioner Reuben F. Bradford plans to retire. -
Zionist Extremists Urbina Clique Busted as Child Loan Hoaxers | NODISINFO
A New Home |
The Photoshopping of Victoria Soto | NODISINFO
Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Report
State Police report details Sandy Hook shootings - Connecticut Post
The voices of children who saw evil - Connecticut Post
Final report on Newtown shooting provides little in way of closure | The Raw Story
The People VS The U.S. Government (Sandy Hook)
Sandy Hook – LE Says Lanza Did NOT Shoot His Way In – Still Waiting For 911 Calls | Sandy Hook 
Maine News
Connecticut town tries to cope with shooting massacre at elementary school - Los Angeles Times
Sandy Hook Parent/Another SIRVA Connection - YouTube
SIRVA Worldwide Products & Services | LinkedIn
Connecticut school shooting: 20 children dead
Stars rise on firehouse roof - Connecticut Post
Real Questions Now | Asking what others fear to answer
Aaron Steinberg (steinberg) on Twitter
By: Aaron Steinberg | Just my thoughts.
Sandy Hook - A Chronological Account (Taken from the 158 page thread on the ATS Forum) 2nd Edition | Special Interest | WritingRoom
Emilie Parker's father sobs as the six-year-old Sandy Hook victim is remembered in Utah memorial | Mail Online
Utah Local News - Salt Lake City News, Sports, Archive - The Salt Lake Tribune
Emilie Alice Parker (2006 - 2012) - Find A Grave Memorial
Douglas Gordon Cottle (1950 - 2012) - Find A Grave Memorial
SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012 •
Newtown bomb scare
Carlos Soto - Profile Pictures
(1) Carlos Soto - Profile Pictures
(1) Mobile Uploads - Victoria Leigh Soto
(1) Carlos Soto - Profile Pictures
416791385425558.jpg (JPEG Image, 2000 × 1448 pixels) - Scaled (51%)
2400x1600 (JPEG Image, 2000 × 1333 pixels)
Sandy Hook shooting: First pictures of Connecticut home where Adam Lanza murdered his mother Nancy | 
Connecticut school shooting: Adam Lanza's survivalist mother was obsessed with guns | Mail Online
Hamill: Sandy Hook’s heroes give us hope for ’13  - NY Daily News
Undeleted Evidence...: Dunblane 2.0: The Sandy Hook Elementary School Black Op
SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012 •
Two who helped at Sandy Hook invited to White House - NewsTimes
Lawsuit: State Worker Sues Malloy, 2 Aides Over Job Change - Hartford Courant
State Worker Probed For Letting Her Husband View Lanza's Body At Autopsy Facility - Hartford Courant
Adam Lanza | Fellowship of the Minds | Page 2
Sandy Hook | Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax | Veterans Today
Senate, House Overwhelmingly Approve Bill To Withhold Homicide Photos, Other Records, After Newtown -
Ryan Graney: Soto Family Cohort and Self-Professed Internet Sheriff | NODISINFO
SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012 •
Sandy Hook Shooting | Megatronics Media | Page 2
Sandy Hook Homeowners Escape Fire Uninjured [Updated] - Police & Fire - Newtown, CT Patch
Two Sergeants Retire From Police Department; Froehlich Charges "Cruel Work Environment" | The Newtown Bee
The University Of Connecticut Establishes Scholarship Fund For Sandy Hook Survivors And Siblings | Bossip
Investigate Sandy Hook, 9/11, OKC

What Happened At The Newtown Elementary School Shooting? Connecticut State Police Issue Public Statement
icarlee23 (Carlee Elizabeth ) @ Instagram - 5th village
The Real Colorado: Sandy Hookers
Gallery For > Arielle Pozner
& Two More Makes FIVE: To Noah Samuel Pozner and his twin sister, Arielle
Sense of Place - Concord: Pink Earth, Earth Stars, and Sandy Hook Remembrances
Adam Lanza's father is a 'broken man' since Sandy Hook murder spree as family reveal what it is like to live with one of most hated names in America | Mail Online
Sandy Hook: The Real Story | Turning the Tide
Noah Pozner's Family Remembers and Mourns –
00118939.pdf - Google Drive
New York City District 24
David Jacob Reich - Congressional Staffer Salary Data
Lawyer David Reich - Flushing Attorney -
Connecticut General Assembly - Senate List of Bills
(1) John Matthew Walker
FN5fGzi.jpg (1280×1024)
The Charlatans' Tim Burgess to release memoir | News | NME.COM - Transcripts
Sandy Hook Kids-The Teeth Tell The Truth — unless they are digitally altered | Megatronics Media
01yIRue.jpg (779×588)
Sandy Hook Elementary School | Megatronics Media
School closed, actors used: Robbie Parker, entertainer, exposed | Veterans Today
Sandy Hook Elementary School - Sandy Hook, Connecticut - CT - School overview
12-14-12: Photos from the massacre - Newtown School Shooting
H.R.3717 - 113th Congress (2013-2014): Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2013 | | Library of Congress
Class heroes save lives
The Story Behind A Striking Image Of The Scene At Sandy Hook : The Two-Way : NPR
James Havens
Frank Libero
(6) Frank Libero
Snowshoe Documentary Films for Social and Economic Justice
Exclusive: The Daily Banter's Investigation Helps Catch Sandy Hook Memorial Thief | The Daily Banter
Should humanity phase itself out? - Yahoo Groups
Scott Gove
(14) Brian Trudeau
History of Newtown, Connecticut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lake County Sheriff Dispatch Logs
County police logs - Orlando Sentinel
LOQUS ISTE - Member Home Page
28 Dead After Shooting At Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School -
Excerpts From Investigative Documents On Newtown Shooting
Lates News Connecticut Shooting in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary Parent Interview
A Newtown Clarification – Forward Thinking –
Voodoo aspects of Sandy Hook never discussed before | Sandy Hook As I Saw It
(4) Donnie Miloscia
Family Feud Over Trust for Sandy Hook Victim | NBC Connecticut
Newtown Charities Being Investigated By Connecticut Officials


Scarlett Lewis
Neil Heslin
Nelba Márquez-Greene
(1) Scott Gove
Jackie Giblin Barden
Nicole Moretti Hockley
Arielle Reich
Tim Makris
Joel Bacon
JoAnn Hagen Bacon
David Cole Wheeler
Lenny Pozner
(6) Lisa Papp Terifay
Mary Ann Jacob
Erica Lafferty Smegielski
Cristina Lafferty Hassinger
George Hochsprung
Michele Gay
(1) Liesl Buechler Fressola
(1) Yvonne Cech
(1) Courtney Martin
(1) Kathy Thorsen Cunningham
Geraldine Jackman
(2) Lisa Black Marlin
(2) Lorna Szalay
Marie Jones
(3) Sarah Nava
Sarah Patterson- Swansiger
Barbara Stuart Sibley
(2) Natalie Parker
Seamus Lynch
All right. It was inevitable. I am not one for... - Graham Phillips Sultan
(2) Dorothy Hanson
(3) James Champion
Ousted California Guard general says his offer to return excess pay was rejected - National Guard - The Sacramento Bee
public (800×600)
The Unwritten Record » About the Bloggers
Calaveras News - Breaking News for Calaveras County & Beyond!- The Pine Tree .net 01072010.PDF
Journalism - newtownbee - Freedom of Information Act: Where to Make a FOIA request - Create and Manage your iFOIA Requests
Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Report
The New Sandy Hook School Project Website
Sandy Hook : Someone is lying so who is it and why? What is your theory? - Page 2
What would cause the (possible) blood pattern we see in front of Sandy Hook School? - Page 3
Appraisal Vision Assessor's Database
Free Public Records Directory – BRB Publications
gartner group sandy hook - Google Search
SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012 •
Sandy Hook shooting: Victims' bodies identified, removed from school (VIDEOS) | GlobalPost
Sandy Hook shooting: 'I don't know what they are going to do': Grandmother of victim reveals heartbreaking story behind poignant image of moment girl's parents were told she was dead | Mail Online
Protection Of Sandy Hook School Transitioning From State To Newtown Police - Hartford Courant
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Implicated in Sandy Hook Cover-Up | NODISINFO
Lawyer appointed to find Nancy Lanza's will - GreenwichTime
School shooting survivor tells her story
Raising Adam Lanza: Who Was Nancy Lanza - Page 2 -
danp5648 - YouTube
For Newtown folks who lived the tragedy, life never the same - San Antonio Express-News
Breaking News MUST WATCH Raw Helicopter Footage Before The Fake Sandy Hook Shooting Started - YouTube
The Newtown Bee : Photos : Photo Keywords
BREAKING: Adam Lanza youtube video BEFORE the shooting PLUS Evidence - Check This Out!!
Sandy Hook shooting Gunman Conspiracy Mask or No mask? - YouTube
Unanswered Questions From Europe « Memory Hole
Hard Proof of Photoshopping of New Adam Lanza Pictures: PBS & Frontline Implicated | NODISINFO
Sandy Hook students return to class for first time since Newtown shooting - YouTube
PHOTOS: Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut -
A Mother Informs Herself to Advocate for Her Children - Newtown, CT Patch
The Newtown Bee
aangirfan: 03/01/2013 - 04/01/2013
Will Sandy Hook Elementary School Be Torn Down? | Elite Daily
File:Police at Sandy Hook.PNG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mop-Up...Newton And Webster As Inter-Agency War - Pt 3
Search - Getty Images : 2012 newtown connecticut shooting
Hero janitor??? How come nothing is posted on him?
Who Are the Parents of Sandy Hook Victims
Mark Zuckerberg Is Grandson Of David Rockefeller. Real name. Jacob Greenberg. » Philosophers stone | Philosophers stone
Sandy Hook Newtown Update - THIS IS BIG !!!
The Consumerization of Truth, and Virtual Villages
shootingphoto4.jpg (JPEG Image, 3600 × 2249 pixels) - Scaled (33%)
Update to My "adam lanza google news archives thread on jackson laboratory" I made a few phone calls regarding sandy hook
Newtown Fairfield Hills Insane Asylum Mysterious Teen Death linked to Sandy Hook !!! - YouTube
Masacre en Connecticut - Dos compañeros de clases de Adam Lanza son interrogados por la policía - YouTube
tom crean family funeral - Google Search
Tom Crean - Canada | LinkedIn
The Story Behind the Iconic Photograph from the Sandy Hook TragedyLightBox - LightBox
State Worker Probed For Letting Her Husband View Lanza's Body At Autopsy Facility - Hartford Courant
Masacre en Connecticut - Dos compañeros de clases de Adam Lanza son interrogados por la policía - YouTube
School Shooting In Connecticut, US, Say Police - Page 168 - David Icke's Official Forums
Review: Sandy Hook Scam -- The Documentary - PESWiki
YouTuber Royan Rosche Discovers Culprit Behind Lanza Photoshopped Images | NODISINFO
Connecticut School Shooting (photos) |
Connecticut real estate news, data and statistics, home sales and real estate listings | Connecticut
Speculative Theory About The Sandy Hook School | Sandy Hook Truth
Maureen Will: Officer, Director, Manager, Member or Company Partner Information
despp: Update - Sandy Hook School Shooting Investigation
despp: Danbury State's Attorney Releases Information on Sandy Hook Shooting
NRA rebukes police, claims certificate found in Adam Lanza's belongings is false
Nancy Lanza: 'Her time was running out': Sandy Hook shooter's mom feared 'the end was coming' after discovering dark family secret | Mail Online
Sandy Hook mother whose daughters survived the massacre describes girls' PTSD and how they struggle to move on | Mail Online
That could NEVER happen here… |
Sandy Hook - the List Keeps Growing Longer
REALIDAD ALTERNATIVA: Fotos: #Connecticut masacre en escuela primaria
Diez imágenes imborrables de la masacre en Connecticut (with images, tweet) · terralatam · Storify
07-Sandy_Hook_shooting_121412-1000.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 698 pixels)
image.jpg (JPEG Image, 1114 × 1038 pixels)
One Newtown family feels the love from hometown connection | 913
Adam Lanza: Newtown shooter 'beaten by classmates while a student at Sandy Hook Elementary' | Mail Online
EXCLUSIVE: Newtown shooter Adam Lanza taunted and beaten by fellow students when he attended Sandy Hook Elementary School, relative reveals - NY Daily News
AR-121219702.jpg (JPEG Image, 4288 × 2376 pixels) - Scaled (31%) - SHE-plywood-2013-01-21.jpg
966 - Training Opportunity - V0010 VTTX Mass Casualty Incident Focus - Jun 26 2013.pdf
966 - Training Opportunity - V0010 VTTX Mass Casualty Incident Focus - Jun 26 2013.pdf
The latest from “DHS Insider”
Westboro Church Threatens to Come to Vigils, Police Not Worried - Oxford, CT Patch
Georgia First - Sandy Hook on Vimeo
Lawmakers Draft Bill In Secret To Block Release Of Newtown Shooting Records --
McKinney wants Sandy Hook photos off limits - Connecticut Post
New Sandy Hook principal hailed for "making tough situations better' - NewsTimes
Accountability in Newtown
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News
After massacre, Newtown to design new Sandy Hook school with state grant  - NY Daily News
Sandy Hook School shooting: Gunman kills 20 children, 6 adults inside Connecticut elementary school - NY Daily News
Was Adam Lanza planning to escape after Newtown massacre? Gunman set up ambush for cops and laid out five identical outfits in his bedroom | Mail Online
Sandy Hook shootings: Details Emerge On Sandy Hook Shootings, Items Found In Lanza Rooms -
Sandy Hook Officer: 'There were probably two shooters' | Citizens for Legitimate Government
School shooting | Megatronics Media
The state has to release the Sandy Hook shooting report soon - Hartford Courant
Timeline Photos - Your Constitutional Rights
Sandy Hook Elementary School Abandoned Before Shooting Even Happpened? | USAHM Conspiracy News
A Photographer's First Hand Account of the Sandy Hook School Shooting
wolfblitzzer0: Sandy hook,newtown,chris manfredonia, edward manfredonia, gary weiss, courant hartford
SHS - YouTube
Workshops |
Sandy Hook Demolition Has Newtown Residents Relieved
The Consumerization of Truth, Part II: Sandy Hook
25 Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History Fast Facts -
Hilltop Observer
Suing the state? Not unless he says yes - Connecticut Post
Lawyer withdraws Sandy Hook suit, may refile - Connecticut Post
(5) Janet Barletta Vollmer
Sandy Hook Staff and Alumni
Sandy Hook Staff and Alumni
(7) Scott Vollmer
(7) Newtown Moms Unite
(7) Lisa Black Marlin
(7) Nancy Ellen Rogers
▶ Marilyn Gudsnuk - Real Sandy Hook Witness. - Video Dailymotion
Jessica O'Brien - Digital
Yogananda Street: a killer's address - StamfordAdvocate
Chief State Medical Examiner Carver Retires - Hartford Courant
Peter Lanza Photo Album: Lanza Family Photos » Insanemedia
Sandy Hook - the Nancy Lanza Hoax | NODISINFO
New Photo of Adam Lanza Surfaces - Evidence that he is Ryan Lanza? | NODISINFO
Sandy Hook officer too traumatised to return to work is facing dismissal and no compensation | Mail Online
Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook - YouTube
Sandy Hook witness tweets Dec. 9 "I can already tell this is gonna be a bad week"
Mergim Bajraliu Sandy Hook - Imgur
Newtown, Connecticut, Shooting: The Anniversary of That Day at Sandy Hook | Vanity Fair
Sandy Hook Prosecutor Sedensky seeks to hide 911 Tapes
Sandy Hook Elementary's Demolition Nears Completion - Metropolis - WSJ
The Survivors - YouTube
A Safer Connecticut | Connecticut General Assembly
Sandy Hook Witness: Barbara and Rob Sibley Interview with Katie Couric » Insanemedia
Sandy Hook 911 tapes: Scanner Feeds Reveal Scandal! » Insanemedia
Newtown killings: Police Response A Focus Of Newtown Report; First Officers Approached School On Foot -
Sandy Hook report released - WFSB 3 Connecticut
Report of the Ansonia-Milford Judicial District State’s Attorney - Sandy_Hook_Summary_Report.pdf
Sandy Hook prosecutors' report to be released today, but without many details | Mail Online
School massacre motive unclear - ITV News
Sandy Hook Report: Read Full Findings on Newtown Massacre | HEAVY
25 Revelations From The Final Report On Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook Report Reveals Every Step Adam Lanza Took On Killing Spree
Photos from the Sandy Hook shooting report - Connecticut Post
Judge orders Sandy Hook 911 calls released
Memorial service to be held for mother of Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza six months after horrific school massacre | Mail Online
Amish Grace | How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy
Team Vicki Soto (TeamVickiSoto) on Twitter
Ryan Graney (RyanEGraney) on Twitter
Parents of Sandy Hook victims choose not to read report | New York Post
Chilling photos of Sandy Hook released | New York Post
Evidence photos from the Sandy Hook shooting | New York Post
Sandy Hook slaying video game doubles as anti-gun promo — RT USA
Journal of the Bizarre
Adam Lanza Dancing (Never Before Seen) - YouTube
DDR Chick at AMC - YouTube
Report of the Ansonia-Milford Judicial District State’s Attorney - Sandy_Hook_Summary_Report.pdf
Adam Lanza's father is a 'broken man' since Sandy Hook murder spree as family reveal what it is like to live with one of most hated names in America | Mail Online
Shannon Doherty
Sandy Hook Was A Hoax
HelpUs Find Hoagy
Newtown school shooting investigation to continue - WFSB 3 Connecticut
Bob Manfredonia
Maddy Manfredonia
SANDY - YouTube
Sandy Hook Hair Co. — Newtown Patch —
Kaynbred, Adam Lanza, and Wikipedia: 3 years in the basement | Sandy Hook Lighthouse
Sandy Hook Lighthouse | An archive and an investigation
Emails show history of illness in Adam Lanza's family, mother had worries about gruesome images - NY Daily News
NEWTOWN: Exclusive book excerpts detail killer Adam Lanza's descent into madness and murder - NY Daily News
Sandy Hook Elementary School - FULL LINKS exposed worldwide by Last Proofette Mario Matt
Newtown Ct. Elementary School Shooting News, Photos and Videos - ABC News
File:FEMA - 37563 - FEMA representatives talking with children at a Law Enforcement celebration in Texas.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Sandy Hook Teacher Chosen as Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year | NBC Connecticut
"Guns Save Lives Day" Moved From Sandy Hook Anniversary | NBC Connecticut
Sandy Hoax Surprise - YouTube
Sandy Hook families launch website to honor victims
Home - My Sandy Hook Family
The Consumerization of Truth, Part II: Sandy Hook
▶ Sandy Hoax Surprise - YouTube
The tragic last school picture of first graders who were gunned down by Sandy Hook shooter with their substitute teacher | The Advertiser
635743-class.jpg (JPEG Image, 650 × 366 pixels)
Anthony Lusardi
Sandy Hook Evidence:Where is the Blood? » Insanemedia
JP Maguire - History - Connecticut(CT)Fire and Water Damage - Mold Remediation - Serving all of CT.
Contractor moving furniture from Sandy Hook: 'I've seen things I don't even really want to talk about'
'The Woman Who Raised That Monster' - Suzy DeYoung's Blog - Newtown, CT Patch
Newtown Mom Describes Struggle for Forgiveness, Peace After Son's Death | NBC Connecticut
Multiple Sandy Hook victims seen alive - Denver Conspiracy |
Sandy Hook smoking guns emerge (Photos) - Denver Conspiracy |
News Distribution Network - Shared Video
UPDATED: 26 dead, including 20 kids, in Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting: Gunman Adam Lanza, 20, kills teacher mom in her Newtown home, drives her car to her school and opened fire before killing self - NY Daily News
UPDATED: 26 dead, including 20 kids, in Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting: Gunman Adam Lanza, 20, kills teacher mom in her Newtown home, drives her car to her school and opened fire before killing self - NY Daily News
JoLynn France Low
(1) Faith at Newtown
Rîvër Løw
(3) Michael Shapiro
(3) Jessica O'Brien
(2) Newtown Moms Unite - Transcripts
Newtown report plus appendix - Newtown School Shooting
Daily Campus Reporter Cannot Track Down the Researchers Studying Adam Lanza's DNA - Elizabeth F. Crowley's Blog - Mansfield-Storrs, CT Patch
Former Conn. chief ME testifies at Riverhead murder trial
Sandy Hook Elementary School | Missing & Unidentified People
Commission wants info on Lanza's mental health - Connecticut Post
(2) David Makl
(5) The Anzellotti Family (est Bridgeport, CT)
(5) Barbara Anzellotti
The Ducks Of Sandy Hook Elementary
MADRAVOLT: A Manfredonia & Lanza Sandy Hook Connection?
Security Letter To Parents At Sandy Hook Elementary School From Website - Hartford Courant
Delusional Internet postings saying Sandy Hook was a hoax deny the pain and anguish of parents, relatives and Newtown residents -
Reports: Brother of Suspected Newtown Shooter Is Ernst & Young Employee | Going Concern
Madeleine Feng Hsu
Farine: About Noah
Alexis Haller
(1) Alexis Haller
Armed federal agents approach Sandy Hook Elementary School in response to shootings on Friday, Dec. 14, 2012. Photo: Michael Duffy / The News-Times | 38 Great Quarter Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 - Zillow
Tom Kelly IV - Recent Works: Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
Sandy Hook Parents Relate Concerns To Governor's Panel In Wake Of 12/14 | The Newtown Bee
Sandy Hook Exposed? - LDS Freedom Forum -
Sandy Hook & the Boston Bombing: You're Being Hoodwinked - YouTube
Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook CT -
Sandy Hook Hoax UPDATES | A Truth Soldier


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