Investigative journalist, Whitney Webb, who’s doing great work at MintPressNews joins Newsbud Founder/Editor Sibel Edmonds to discuss her work to uncover the relationships between US intelligence agencies and the social media companies – and PayPal, in particular.


(This interview comes on the heels of Edmonds’ inexplicable, unfounded and relentless attacks on two unimpeachable woman journalists who are also published by MintPressNews, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley.
This has resulted in James Corbett’s severing all ties with Edmonds – and deleting ALL of the excellent Boiling Frogs Post videos which they made together over the years, even ones in which she does not appear, including “How to Steal an Airplane” about MH-370.
Luckily, all clips had been mirrored by other YouTube users and I was able to restore the videos to the FKTV site. It is disturbing that Edmonds would attack the few truth-tellers about Syria, who have sacrificed so much to spend time there so they could accurately report on what is truly happening. It’s also curious that Sibel was activated to be so hostile on the eve of the false flag chemical bombings that have brought us to the precipice of World War III).

Edmonds and Webb raise many important questions about the Snowden leaks that have remained unasked for far too long. It’s been almost 5 years. Remember what a big deal that was?

Remember the outcry among government agents and the calls for Snowden’s immediate assassination, wherever he may be?

Why haven’t these same agencies been asking for the head of Glenn Greenwald, to whom Snowden released all of these extremely damaging, National Security methods and technologies?

Wasn’t Greenwald going to start a new media company that was going to release the documents to the public? Why have only 10,000 of the 500,000 pages been published?


Didn’t Greenwald sell the exclusive rights to these documents for millions of dollars to PayPal Founder, billionaire Pierre Omidyar?  Why is the CIA totally fine with Omidyar and Greenwald privatizing this information?

What kind of a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) is Greenwald using to manage all of this incredibly explosive information?

How is it that Greenwald travels the world freely while Snowden is in hiding, facing the death penalty?


The two draw analogies between the Snowden leaks and the Manning leaks and how Julian Assange is being treated as a publisher, in comparison to Glen Greenwald and Pierre Omidyar – and there is obviously no comparison. (Recall that Omidyar’s company, PayPal froze Assange’s donations!)


The two look into Omidyar’s background in Hawaii, where Snowden worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, the biggest and most profitable intelligence contractor. The possibility is raised that Snowden’s leak was a deliberate operation to privatize that data.


Edmonds wonders additionally whether the data is being used by Omidyar for blackmail purposes? Then Edmonds brings up something seldom mentioned, which is that Greenwald had fled to Brazil back in 2009, four years prior to the Snowden leaks.

She says this was due to civil and criminal charges arising from his  gay porn business and its use of underage actors – plus another criminal entanglement with the IRS, in which he owed over $100,000. All of this, she says went away in a puff of smoke after he signed the Omidyar deal.


None of this makes any sense unless you examine Omidyar’s role in all of this and how it appears that Omidyar is keeping these documents from publication, documents which not only reveal sensitive information about NSA but information that details PayPal’s involvement with US intelligence.
Edmonds wonders whether the name of Omidyar’s publication, “Intercept” isn’t an example of signature CIA cynicism, to signify “interceptor of leaks”?

Don’t miss this explosive interview exposing the Freedom of Press Foundation’s betrayal of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and this new trend of intercepting and neutralizing whistle blowers.

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce



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