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Marley Dawkins, having been briefed as achild by his late grandfather who worked on some of the most sensitive and terrible secret work , for NHCUs, PGLFs and the Spider-Human genertics, and witha fther into crime and drugs, and his mother being abducted in MILAB - PGLFs experiments, he sought a way get from the crime and the drugs, and thus he now desribes human origins and the Desteni group, from South Africa... a solution.

What is Desteni?

The core group known as 'Desteni' resides on a farm near Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Its first website was launched in 2007. The reason for the name and why it should be spelled 'Desteni' (and not 'Destiny') when 'Desteni' is a girl's name has never as yet been explained by anyone in the group.

Desteni has about 100-150 members round the world and is founded on a type of New Age Conspiracism which envisions a future 'new world order' of 'equality and oneness'. Although many of its ideas are derived from the works of David Icke, New Age occultism, self-help psychology and spirituality, Desteni is not a spiritual or religious movement or group as it regards religion and spirituality as deception.

Desteni attempts to represent itself as a political or human rights organisation through its 'non-profit' company, the Equal Life Foundation (ELF) and the slogan, 'Living Income Guaranteed' (LIG). However, the ELF is not a social justice or political organisation or an NGO. It is not involved in political activities or in any campaign for human rights. 

The LIG is described as a political or economic 'proposal' but is not proposed to any political or economic groups, legislators, universities or to the mainstream or alternative media. Like the group's Equal Money System, the LIG is a recruitment device and a way of soliciting donations.

Desteni is focused on the 'portalling' (or 'channeling') of dead celebrities, inanimate objects, demons, reptilians and other entities. Its members believe the world 'accepts and allows' misery, abuse and evil because 'the mind' has been pre-programmed by interdimensional reptilian aliens who created human beings as slaves. Desteni posits the notion that the enslaved and brainwashed human 'mind' can only ever be overcome and the 'self' realised by means of 'self-forgiveness', the Desteni I Process online and affiliate marketing courses in 'self-mastery', and working holidays at the Desteni farm.

Desteni has been identified as a cult, a cult-like group and/or a scam by numerous commentators such as Vice magazine, the Cult Education Forum, the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, David Icke's Forums, the Skeptic Project, Reddit, Quora, and other websites, forums, videos and blogs.

Bernard Poolman & the Desteni Portal

The founder of Desteni, Bernard Poolman, died on Sunday 11 August 2013, aged around 50. There is the indication that he had been ill for some time and the cause of death was heart failure. Tributes to Poolman written by members of Desteni portray him as a saint, a Christ or Buddha-like non-individual with no ego, a hero and father-figure who did all he could to 'support all life'.

Poolman claimed to be an ex-policeman with a degree in law, and an ex-New Ager. Prior to Desteni, he ran an 'educational software' company calledPowerEducation by MindTechnology

Poolman was often made fun of in YouTube videos. 

Poolman claimed to have been 'enlightened' but 'Found, under the Veneer of Enlightenment, Alchemy and Love and Light – the Greatest Evil'. Transcripts of hisspeeches feature in the blog, Creation's Journey to Life, in which he talks to a fetus, says Parents Create Haterecommends Candy Crush Saga, slags off atheists, charity workers, political activists and so on.

In Is God a Reptilian, Poolman said: 'It is also Worthwhile Studying the work of David Icke. His Research is Meticulous in terms of the Global Problem', but that 'he was just an Pawn in the Hands of these Reptilians'. Conspiracy theorist, David Icke and his supporters, however, do not support Desteni.
Poolman also said that religious people belong to suicide cults, the human should be eradicated at all costs, teeth represent a crown of thorns, mass movements are controlled by ectoplasmAdolf Hitler should be forgiven, pornography, prostitution and child rape are caused by masturbation or 'the family', elite 'rulers of the world' control events at the behest of Anu, a reptilian god, that Everything that you are as a Human: can be Traced back to a Reptilian God and Desteni is 'the message of Jesus', which is atheism

Desteni is inspired by the deranged, misanthropic pronouncements of Poolman, but more particularly the young woman who he admitted served as his mouthpiece: Sunette Spies AKA the 'Desteni Interdimensional Portal'. Most people who signed up to Desteni were drawn in less by the writings or talks of Poolman than the videos of Sunette Spies. Poolman described the 'Desteni Portal' as 'Possibly the Greatest Miracle Ever on Earth'.

During his life Poolman was never seen publicly in any videos except with a still image or in cartoon form represented as 'the Beast', but Spies has appeared talking to camera in literally thousands of videos. She is presented as the 'upgraded channel' for 'mind consciousness systems' of countless different dead people, fictional characters, mythical beings, reptilians, aliens, inanimate objects and so on. 
Spies claims she has something called a 'Portal Placement' 'in and as' her bodywhich was put there by Poolman and enables her to communicate as anyone and everything.

For example, she has said she is speaking on behalf of an AK-47 rifle, Marilyn Monroe, a leprachaun, Joseph Stalin, a petrol pump, Carl Jung, a coffee cup,Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, a panty liner, the consciousness of an elephant and a snail, Elvis Presley, various reptilians and aliens, a grain of sand, Adolf Hitler,Audrey Hepburn, Aleister Crowley, Colonel Gaddaffi, a vibrator, Freddie Mercury, Leonardo Da Vinci and a piece of toilet paper. Here's a video by AntiDestonian, a mash-up of various of the absurd 'portallings' of Spies.

According to the official story, Spies was trained by Poolman for around two years prior to her appearance on the Internet in 2007. Around that time Poolman was almost never mentioned and only sometimes referred to as 'Eagle'. He and his partner, Esteni De Wet (who, like Spies is also said to have 'interdimensional' capabilities), met Spies aged around 20 as she was working in a café. She had recently suffered the death of her mother.

The Desteni 'portal' is what's known in sales marketing as an idiot test. Recordings of Spies' speeches make up a large part of the products sold via the Desteni-runEqafe affiliate marketing business. In 2014 she also developed a sideline business selling videos of herself playing a friendly self-help guru.

Both Poolman and Spies' communications are incoherent, monotonous, full of contradictions and so nonsensical and ridiculous as to be bordering on the insane.Everything they talk about revolves around obvious plagiarisms and skewed re-interpretations of self-help psychobabble, Spiritualism, pseudo-science, New Age philosophy, quack medicine, religion, conspiracy theories and occultism, all of which are re-packaged in Desteni as what they call 'equality and oneness'.


Some Destonians sporting 'Guardians of the Universe' Equalitee shirts 

People who say they are members of the Desteni group call themselves 'Destonians'. Why the word isn't spelled 'Destenians' has never been explained. They devote their lives to the Desteni business to promote its products and courses. Although they claim to be opposed to leaders, Destonians are apparently training to become leaders at the Desteni leadership forum. Almost all are ex-conspiracy theorist New Agers.

The Desteni group has never held public talks, meetings or events anywhere except on the Internet.

The Destonians' communications are often made up of Capitalised Gibberish and are usually dominated by repetitive catch phrases, buzzwords and obscure jargon which serve as thought-terminating cliches, such as '1+1=2', 'Best for All', 'walking the point', 'standing up in Oneness and Equality as breath as me', 'have a look','fascinating', 'I am 1 vote for World Equality', 'self-forgiveness', 'applying the tools', 'all as one as equal as life', 'the equality equation', 'Equal Money System','the polarities', 'I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to...', etc., the tedium of which is only ever occasionally relieved by the Unintentional Comedy of some of Their Own and Poolman and Spies' Output.

The group's practices include viewing tens of hundreds of videos of Sunette Spies, and listening to audio recordings of rants by Bernard Poolman, reading convoluted sub-literate texts, making confessions of perceived personal faults with daily affirmations of self-forgiveness privately and in public, training in how to conduct themselves in sexual relationships, constant breath awareness, a four-count breathing exercise, drinking Hydrogen Peroxide, sleeping only 4-6 hours a night to 'stop the mind', frequent blogging and v-logging to record their 'process' and advertise courses and products sold by the group via multi-level and affiliate marketing schemes, plus working holidays at the Desteni ranch compound.

Despite saying that they support 'equal rights' and equality, Destonians are opposed to diversity, and regard free speech or free choice as only valid when it conforms with the precepts of the Desteni doctrine. The group is not involved in any campaign for equal rights or equality.

They are in favour of eugenics and Holocaust revisionism, want to ban alcohol, pornography and psychiatry and have everyone in the world microchipped. They are opposed to privacy and say everyone should have their data mined and exposed. They adhere to strange fictional versions of human history which would give the Scientologists a run for their money. They assert that Desteni can help treat or cure phobias, alcoholism, drug addictioneating disordersmental illnessetc, yet none of them are formally experienced or qualified to give any such treatment or advice.

Destonians often say that Desteni is a 'threat to the system' as it is the only group in the world that knows anything about 'equality', and everyone else not in the group is a 'brainwashed' victim of 'the system'. They complain of being unfairly persecuted by those who criticise or question them, whom they accuse of 'hate speech'. They often ban or block critics, and have issued numerous copyright violation notices against YouTube channels with videos ridiculing them, but backed down when challenged. 

Poolman made the false allegation that some critics of Desteni are cyberbullies who have been linked to suicides. Destonians imagine criticism of their group is ahoax or scam and they are subject to attacks by anonymous trolls funded by an unnamed shady organisation. On the rare occasions when they respond to criticism, without fail, Destonians always resort to spouting gobbledygook (See:Trolling Desteni / Cry me a river, Darryl).

In their Anti-Hate videos and customer testimonial Witness Blogs, the Destonians list personal experiences, beliefs and group-related activities as if to prove that the organisation is not a scam or a cult. They refer to unremarkable changes in their lives, like gaining confidence or giving up looking at porn or smoking weed, as if they could never have taken place without Desteni. 

The Destonians are encouraged to delete their personalities and instructed to view parents and the family as protectors of the evil system, and friendship as subject to it. They say that parents create hate by means of fear and control, and at the same time pretend to be qualified to offer advice in parenting. In articles such asFriendship Relationship - Day 29 or Friendship Suspicion Character Part Onefriendship is defined as inherently false, bad or evil unless it can be made to adhere to the tenets of Desteni. 
Desteni members all used to have shaved heads but not any more. Theyabandoned their campaign to get 100 million people to shave their heads

Some of the more well-established Destonians are: Cerise PoolmanMarlen Vargas Del RazoDarryl ThomasAnna Brix ThomsenMatti FreemanGian RobbertsAndrea Rossouw, Bella Bargilly.

The Process

The Desteni I Process (DIP) was originally called the 'Desteni Income Plan' and is related to Bernard Poolman's previous software business, PowereDucation, the Desteni Vocabulary Purifier and the all-Destonian run offshoot business, Techno Tutor, an 'educational software' programme which is marketed to followers of scam artist and convicted criminal, Kevin Trudeau, through the Global Information Network.

TechnoTutor is often presented as if it is entirely separate from Desteni when the two things are inextricably linked. Many, if not all, the key members of Desteni are sales representatives for TechnoTutor software, versions of which have been integral to the group's 'process' from the start.

The DIP Pro runs as a form of Multi-Level Marketing and is said to bring about 'self-purification' within seven years or more. It involves lessons in 'living words', 'Mind Constructs' and pseudo-scientific instructions on 'Structural Resonance Alignment' and how people can supposedly de-condition themselves from the 'pre-programmed' slavery of mind control put in place by inter-dimensional reptilians.

Poolman stated 'the Most Important Position on Earth at this stage of our Existence is that of World Teacher' and the DIP Pro version is 'where World Teachers are being Trained'.
Destonians are encouraged to devote excessive periods of time to Desteni-related activities such as 'self-forgiveness' and receive in depth personal advice through the 'buddy system' of the DIP. The aim of the process is to be 'birthed as life as the physical', and along with their bogus political campaign, the Living Income Guaranteed, this is what the group say will bring about 'equality' and 'heaven on earth'.

Desteni claims to be opposed to charity yet they solicit charitable donations. See:Equal Life Foundation: NPO for Equal Rights -- or Money & Food for Destonians?.

The Equal Life Foundation 'Bill of Rights' was written by a Destonian, Ken Cousens, who is or was involved in the Sovereign Citizen Movement, which the FBI regards as a form of terrorism. Some of the Destonians receive special training from Cousens at his 'Gemstone University'.

Destonians rip off the already established Basic Income Guarantee campaign: seeEqual Life Foundation & Living Income Guaranteed and the article, You can also abuse the term Basic Income for personal gain by #EMS #ELF #destini.

Because of their relentless spamming to promote their income plan, as well aspro-Adolf Hitler content, YouTube banned Desteni channels, DesteniProductions and BernardPoolman in August 2011. Not long after, they were also banned by Vimeo for violation of the terms of service. Their previous web host, made objections to the main Desteni website and they had to change hosts.

Since 2013, after Desteni was questioned at and then Bernard Poolman died, the group appears to have less of a public profile and rarely attracts new members. According to Vice magazine, Desteni is now managed by Esteni De Wet and Sunette Spies.

For more information see Desteni Discussions, the Cult Education Forum and MAIN LINKS in sidebar >>>

[Please note: any links on this blog to the forum no longer work. They made their main forum available to practising Destonians only in July 2011 without giving any reason, and started a new one, the Introduction to Desteni forum. Links to YouTube videos from DesteniProductions and BernardPoolman also no longer work due to termination of these accounts by YT, August 2011]


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