Neuf ans de prison pour deux journalistes

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Voici une information qui ne semble pas vraiment faire les unes de nos médias et pourtant, une condamnation de journalistes à neuf ans de prison devrait les mobiliser, eux qui sont toujours prêts à dénoncer tout abus ou autre injuste privation de liberté.

Il faut dire, à leur décharge, que la sentence vise deux journalistes ukrainiens qui ont eu l’audace de s’intéresser à ce qui se passait dans le Donbass, cette région infestée de séparatistes quand ils ne sont carrément pas qualifiés de terroristes.

Cette Union Européenne qui a fait tant rêver celles et ceux qui se sont pressés sur le Maïdan pour renverser leur président, cette Union Européenne qui a fermé les yeux sur les exactions commises par autant de bataillons de la mort et autres Néo-Nazis, cette Union Européenne qui n’hésite pas à imputer tous les maux de l’Ukraine à sa grande voisine russe qui l’aurait envahie, cette Union Européenne admettra-t-elle enfin ce qui se passe dans la démocratie que serait devenue l’Ukraine?

Tandis qu’en France, une enfant de 11 ans, abusée par un adulte de 28 ans laisse la justice indifférente ou peu s’en faut, d’autres se chargent de condamner sans autre deux journalistes à neuf ans de prison pour avoir collaboré avec des séparatistes du Donbass.

Plus belle, l’Europe, on ne peut mieux!


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Merci Hélène ! Merci pour eux ! Je vais rajouter ici le discours (en anglais) de Rinate Kouzmine, avocat ukrainien, qui a été lu avant-hier à Bruxelles devant les parlementaires européens, sur l'état de la justice et la situation générale en Ukraine. Ruslan Kotsaba (journaliste ukrainien, un nationaliste d'Ivan-Frankovsk qui avait passé 524 jours en détention provisoire juste pour avoir dit, après s'être rendu dans le Donbass, que le régime de Kiev menait une guerre fratricide dans l'est et qu'il n'y avait pas de troupes russes ), Tetiana Montian (célèbre avocate ukrainienne), Oleg Mouzyka (réfugié politique) y étaient personnellement, ils se sont pour la énième fois adressés aux parlementaires de l'UE (pour l'instant leurs discours ne sont pas traduits). Mais ils crient dans le désert....

Address by Renat Kuzmin 
to the European Parliament at the Roundtable
on “Violation of human rights, restriction of freedom of press and 
political repressions in Ukraine” 

Brussels 27th of September, 2017 

Distinguished Members of the European Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen!

My name is Artem Zakharov. I am a lawyer. Today I would like to speak on behalf of the Ukrainian human rights activist and lawyer Renat Kuzmin, the defender of Valentyna Buzyna, the mother of murdered journalist Oles Buzyna. Mr. Kuzmin wanted to personally thank you for providing this opportunity to speak out alternative views that you would not hear from the Ukrainian officials. Unfortunately, Renat Kuzmin, who has been invited to this event to deliver a speech, couldn’t come to Brussels because of the unlawful activities undertaking by the Ukrainian authorities.


To prevent him from speaking here, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine instructed the Border Guard Service to arrest the lawyer Kuzmin when crossing the Ukrainian border on the ground of a falsified charge on a non-existent crime. You should be aware that there are no legal tools to stand up for your rights in today’s Ukraine. To avoid the illegal arrest Renat Kuzmin had to stay in Ukraine. Now I would like to quote some messages of his report, so as he cannot do it himself, regrettably.

Ladies and gentlemen! Sadly, I have to admit that the triumph of lawlessness is nowadays reality that plagues Ukraine. As a result of armed coup d'état in 2014, the President of Ukraine was unconstitutionally removed from office; rapists, murderers and corrupt officials have seized the power in the country. It was they who launched the civil war in Donbass region, calling it the “Anti-Terrorist Operation”, it is they who conduct the domestic policy of hatred, steal from the Ukrainian people, embezzle the budget funds and international financial assistance funds, including those from the IMF, they deceive the European public presenting the situation in Ukraine in a distorted light, favorable to them.

For a long time Ukraine has been ready for a dictatorship and methods practiced by the President and his people have little difference from those used by Hitler. Poroshenko’s domestic policy appears to be the equation of the state with a radical nationalism, the oppression of political opponents, the deprivation of undesirable social groups of basic civil rights under the guise of “lustration” and criminal persecution, the militarization of public life. Ukrainian legal doctrine allows the use of violence against opponents of the ruling regime and robbery of the citizens under the pretext of “state security”.


Individuals who represent a danger to the ruling regime are held in secret detention facilities of the Security Service, where the UN and OSCE monitoring missions record tortures and extrajudicial executions. Under the rule of Poroshenko we witness the assassinations of not only opposition journalists like Oles Buzyna, but also those quite neutral to the regime who sometimes criticized the government, like Pavlo Sheremet.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, there are almost 2 million of internally displaced people who had to leave their homes due to the Anti-Terrorist Operation held by the government. About 3 million more fled to Russia and 2 million – to Europe. The government intentionally violates the rights and freedoms of the internally displaced people. The government discriminatory decisions have deprived most of the internally displaced people of their pensions and other social payments, pushing many families to the edge of survival. In 2013 Ukrainian GDP made 183,3 billion dollars, making 4030 dollars per capita, while in 2016 Ukrainian GDP made only 78,2 billion and solely 1823 dollars per capita.


Ukraine’s population had shrunk by more than 3 million people during the Poroshenko years. Ukraine holds the 4-th place in the world mortality rating. Isn’t it the genocide? Or there is another name for that? How are people supposed to survive in civil war with the economy shrinking? And in the meantime, the President Poroshenko registers offshore companies in his name… 

Petro Poroshenko has deceived the expectations of Ukrainians; I think that it was he who is guilty of killing of the tens of thousands of innocent civilians in the South-East of Ukraine. He’s profiting from this war. Companies controlled by Petro Poroshenko sell mortars and armored vehicles to the Ukrainian army, and the state funds are lost in this war to be found in offshores. At the same time, last year Poroshenko’s Lipetsk chocolate factory “Roshen” has transferred to Russian federal budget more than 600 million rubles, even though the Russian army is financed from this federal budget. It is the Russian army, which Poroshenko claims to be fighting with in Donbass for the fourth year already.

Corruption has become an integral part of domestic policy of the ruling regime, despite repeated declarations by the political leaders asserting the country’s “European choice”. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau is investigating a criminal case in respect of the President Poroshenko for paying several million dollars in bribes to the Parliament members, in exchange for amendments to the Law “On the Prosecutor Office” and further voting for Yurii Lutsenko as Prosecutor General. Even corruption of the top political leaders of Ukraine is not the issue. The issue is that the appointed Prosecutor General and a member of the High Council of Justice of Ukraine does not have a degree in law.


Therewith, the United Nations Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors oblige all the UN countries to ensure for them duly education and training, as well as the Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers to the member states of the Council of Europe on the Role of Public Prosecution in the Criminal Justice System oblige the member states of the Council of Europe to provide professional training for prosecutors both before and after the appointment.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask you to pay attention to the fact that those actions by the Ukrainian authorities violate not only the EU accession criteria, defined in Copenhagen in June 1993, but also the obligations under the Association Agreement with the EU, which came into force on September 1-st this year.

No wonder, that the efforts of the law enforcement are focused not on the protection of rights and interests of the citizens, but solely on political orders of the country leaders, political repressions and intimidation of opponents of the ruling regime, with the Prosecutor General like this. The anti-corruption campaign launched by the administration pursues only one goal: to find the property of other people, to declare it criminal and on this basis to take it away and appropriate.


For example, according to the Anticorruption Action Centre of Ukraine, the $1.5 billion confiscated from Yanukovych were transferred to the special public funds to be further distributed as grants between the oligarch friends of the President Poroshenko. Just ask yourselves, why does the President Poroshenko has ten (!) times increase of his capital on the background of the Ukrainian people, who are three times poorer now?! Why has the President’s “dear friend” been promoted to the position of Prosecutor General? Why has this friend’s wife been appointed the President’s representative to the Parliament? Why has another President’s crony been appointed as Minister of Information Policy?


Why is the President’s son a member of the Parliamentary faction named after his own father? Why has the President’s father been awarded the “Hero of Ukraine”? Why did the President's wife have her own show at the TV-channel owned by the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov? Why are the former managers of Roshen Corporation appointed to public offices linked to the distribution of key public financial flows? Why has the witch-hunting in Ukraine become a substitute for the real anti corruption and crime fight?

At least five hundred political opponents of the ruling regime, having a well-founded fear of persecution by the Prosecutor General’s Office, are forced into exile outside Ukraine. Just as many people are fleeing from prosecution inside the country. At the same time, some European countries have refused to extradite to Ukraine the ex-officials and government opponents, wanted by the Prosecutor General’s Office, due to the politically motivated persecution in their home country. Interpol has found charges in respect of all ex-officials, including the former president, politically motivated and removed them from its wanted list.


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe accused some countries, including Ukraine, of abusing Interpol and its Red Notice system in the pursuit of political objectives, in order to persecute the political opponents beyond their borders. The General Court of the EU has overturned the decision of the Council of the European Union on targeted personal sanctions against some Ukrainian ex-officials, and the Criminal Court in Belgium has found guilty the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine for providing falsified materials to the EU official bodies regarding the opponents of Ukrainian government. All of the aforesaid clearly shows gross violations of the democratic justice standards in Ukraine and urges the European Parliament to consistent and fair valuation and reaction. 

Being the defender of Valentyna Buzyna, the mother of journalist Oles Buzyna, murdered in Kyiv, I can state with certainty that the Ukrainian government is doing its utmost to ensure that those guilty of the journalist’s death are never held accountable for their crime. The Prosecutor's Office claims that the criminals have been identified and proved to be guilty. However, the case has not been submitted to the court for more than two years, and the suspects have not been even arrested. 

The defender Renat Kuzmin has filed a petition to the Prosecutor General asking to interrogate an important witness – one journalist, who claims that Oles Buzyna was killed not by the suspects announced by the Prosecutor's Office, but by officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. He also claimed that the Security Service officials in a safe house in Kyiv had disposed them shortly afterwards. The witness gave the names, positions of the killers, their motives, the circumstances of those events and told where the evidence is.


For almost a year now, the prosecutors have ignored this crime scenario. They did not even talk to the journalist. But instead, they illegally excluded the defender Kuzmin from the case and resorted to the repressive campaign against him, aiming to obstruct his human rights activity. It is not surprising because as a result of Kuzmin’s activity and upon his applications, the national courts ordered to investigate the facts of the mass extrajudicial executions in the area of Anti-Terrorist Operation in the Donbass, as well as torture and ill treatment of detainees in secret jails of the Security Service of Ukraine.


The investigations of corruption in the Ukrainian parliament and the Prosecutor General's Office have been initiated on the ground of his applications. He managed to get the court judgment on investigation of the facts of illegal financing of the Russian army and the Russian state budget by the President Poroshenko. He appealed to the Constitutional Court the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure infringing the rights of citizens, including the prohibition to challenge the unlawful actions of prosecutors and judges. 

Such activity irritates the President and the Prosecutor General, so the human rights defender has experienced the unprecedented pressure. Prosecutors carried out 8 illegal searches and inspections at the lawyer's home and office in just a month. Unfortunately, the pressure, intimidation of lawyers, the destruction of their property, the prosecution based on falsified charges and even killing are now the part of the domestic policy of the Ukrainian government. Over the past two years 5 lawyers have been murdered in connection with the performance of their professional duties in Ukraine. 
The lack of adequate reaction of the Ukrainian authorities to the murders of journalists and lawyers urges an appropriate response from the European Parliament and international human rights organizations. Having exhausted all the possibilities to get justice in Ukraine, the injured party, the mother of murdered journalist Buzyna, had to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for the protection of infringed rights. As a result of examination the Court accepted the application. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you, the members of the European Parliament, to ensure that the Ukrainian authorities won’t leave the murder of journalist Buzyna with no justice served.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian authorities, trying to whitewash themselves, accuse of those murders the Kremlin or some mythical radicals operating independently from the government. In fact, there is no separate radical underground in Ukraine. All the crimes by the radicals meet the ideology of the new Ukrainian government and are committed either on the ground of orders by the authorities or in agreement with them. The fire in Odessa in 2014 and killing of 42 opponents to the ruling regime are the clear example of coherent actions between the Ukrainian authorities and the radicals.


The Prosecutor’s Office is unlawfully obstructing the investigation into this case while the killers are not identified and brought to liability yet. To this end a consistent valuation from the European Parliament is needed in respect of support showed by the Ukrainian regime to the website “Myrotvorets” (or Peacekeeper), which systematically publishes personal data of opponents of the ruling regime, many of whom are in serious jeopardy subsequently. Oles Buzyna, the opposition journalist, was killed days after the “Myrotvorets” has published his home address and personal data.

Let me remind you that the Declaration of the Geneva Conference on Terrorism dated 1987 defines the state terrorism as the practices of the police state directed against its citizens, such as the control over news, beatings, torture, false arrests, mass arrests, falsified charges, show trials, murders. This is precisely what the Ukrainian state policy looks like in the last three years.

Ladies and gentlemen! The today's hearings should result in an initiative to create a special monitoring mission by the European Parliament to study the situation with the human rights in Ukraine, in particular, the pretrial investigations against political opponents of the government, journalists, lawyers and human rights activists. This mission should study the legislation adopted by the Ukrainian parliament in the last three years and assess its compliance with democratic European standards, as well as the politically motivated application of the criminal law.


The mission should require the Ukrainian leadership to create the possibility for the return to Ukraine of all the political refugees and people forced to flee from criminal persecution for a transparent and fair investigation of all the charges in respect of them, as well as to ensure a fair and open trial under the control of civil society and international community. This analysis should be the subject to discussion at the European Parliament with a duly response to the violations found.

Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for your attention. I hope for the future dialog and the real assistance of the European Parliament in the fight for human rights in Ukraine.

Écrit par : Yelena | 29/09/2017

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Merci, Yelena!

Écrit par : Hélène Richard-Favre | 29/09/2017

Je serai plus prudent dans le cas de la fillette abusée. Régis de Castelnau, informé, défend, la justice contre le lynchage médiatique. Le droit est une chose sérieuse qui doit se garder des pulsions émotionnelles.

Écrit par : Gabriel Galice | 29/09/2017

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Gabriel Galice,

Le droit est, en effet, « une chose sérieuse » . Tout comme l’est l’innocence d’une enfant que les «  pulsions émotionnelles » d’un adulte abusent pour lui «  apprendre à embrasser ou plus ».

Écrit par : Hélène Richard-Favre | 29/09/2017

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9 ans de prison pour 2 journalistes Ukraniens!

Le pouvoir néo-nazi là bas a fait pire qu Erdogan! Allo, il y a quelqu un? Où sont les "célèbres" Amnesty International, Human Right Watch et surtout Reporters Sans frontières etc...?! Pour cette dernière ONG(RSF), son slogan est celui-ci: «Sans une presse libre, aucun combat ne peut être entendu. Emprisonner ou tuer un journaliste c est éliminer un témoin essentiel et menacer chacun de nous à son droit à l information". Il faut croire que ces organisations sont "sincères" mais non pas pour tout le monde étant donné que la compassion et la défense des journalistes est certes très très sélective, hélas! 

Merci Mme H.R.-F. pour vos articles.
Bien à Vous

Écrit par : Charles 05 | 29/09/2017

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Addendum à mon texte:
RSH, HRW, AI ne bougeront pas un cil car là bas, il semble qu il y a un "dictateur, un horrible envahisseur qui a annexé une partie de ce pays" qui s appelle Poutine, n est ce pas ? Et en plus il est l Ennemi Number One des USA, pays de la fameuse Statue de la Liberté, statue qui a quand même une bonne paralysie irrécupérable de son bras droit depuis belle ou mauvaise lurette!

Écrit par : Charles 05 | 29/09/2017

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Excellent article !

Écrit par : lovejoie | 30/09/2017

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Merci, lovejoie et merci pour ces deux journalistes surtout!

Écrit par : Hélène Richard-Favre | 30/09/2017

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C est "normal" que ces deux journalistes ukrainiens soient condamnés à 9 ans de prison. Ne nous sommes pas devant un pouvoir à Kiev qui en est un nazi-renaissant?

(...) Ce pouvoir a été mis en place par l Otan et l UE, deux frères clones, rien que ça!. (...) faut il rappeler qu en juin 2017, le parlement de Kiev a voté majoritairement ( 270 voix pour et 25 voix contre) pour rendre prioritaire l adhésion-entrée de Kiev dans l Otan. Admirons le terme Prioritaire quand même, bien que l Otan y était bien ancré d ores et déjà mais il fallait officialiser cet "avènement". Résultats des courses est que du moment où l Otan accuse, à tort certes, la Russie d avoir envahi et annexé la Crimée, tous les membres de l Otan, France et Italie incluses, devraient désormais faire la guerre économique et même militaire contre la Russie et contre Poutine, leurs 2 ennemis Number One. On voit le défilé des néo-nazis européens vers l Ukraine de Kiev qui est devenue le vivier du nazisme re-naissant en Europe et en 2ème temps qui reviendront chez "eux" pour continuer leurs oeuvres. 
N a t on pas vu ces mêmes scenarii en Ex-Youslavie d une part et tout récemment en Syrie et en Irak avec les Djihadistes étrangers français, belges et même suisses qui sont revenus chez eux pour continuer leurs "oeuvres" de néo-nazis... Et l UN dans tout ça, a t elle un rôle, certainement ? Faudrait-il relever que le Président de la Commission Européenne n est que Jean Claude Juncker, ex PM luxembourgeois obligé à démissionner en juillet 2013 car impliqué dans le Scandale des cellules occultes de Gladio de l Otan ou le Stay Behind dans toute l Europe inclus les néo-nazis en Italie. Afin que l Otan le "remercie et le récompense" après avoir démissionné, il a été nommé à la tête de l UE, comme quoi! 
Vous voyez que c est "très normal" ces 9 ans de prison sus cités, rien que ça!
Bien à Vous.
Charles 05


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