GOOGLE has filed a patent for a "needle-free" blood test that can be fitted to a handheld gadget

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The "needle-free" blood test could be an elegant solution for diabetes sufferers

Google has filed a patent for a "needle-free blood draw" system that can be fitted to a wearable device, like a smartwatch.

The US technology giant describes a "needle-free" gadget that can draw blood from a fingertip or other parts of the body.

The patent – which was published earlier this week but has not yet been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – describes a device that draws blood from the body by sending an "abrupt surge” of gas into a small barrel, which contains a micro-particle capable of piercing the skin. 

Once a droplet of blood is released, it is sucked into the vial by the negative pressure inside the barrel.

Google hints at two possible applications for the cutting edge technology


Google hints at two possible applications for the cutting edge technology

The US technology firm believes the technology cold be embedded into a wearable deviceUSPTO

The US technology firm believes the technology cold be embedded into a wearable device

"Such an application might be used to draw a small amount of blood, for example, for a glucose test," Google claims in the US patent.

Google filed a number of illustrations with the patent application which help to demonstrate how the test could work.

In one of the images, the technology is shown inside a smartwatch-like device.

It easy to imagine the US search firm using the technology in a wearable designed for those who suffer from diabetes.

But Google is staying tight-lipped about its "needle-free blood draw" system.

In a statement, the Californian company said: "We hold patents on a variety of ideas – some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don't. 

"Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patents."

Around nine per cent of all adults worldwide suffer with diabetes, according to research by the World Health Organisation last year.

Pascale Geniès
Ajoutée le 23 mai 2016

First and foremost, believers in Jesus have nothing to fear! Atheists and other religions are often the people I find on the message boards who have no fear of what is coming. Born-again believers, however, express fears about the future and I often read their comments. It's ironic, because this is backwards! Believers must be on the front lines of the war that is coming, without fear. It is atheists and those who do not believe Jesus as the Messiah who should be greatly afraid. I used to be really afraid of stuff that was happening in the world. But I'm not anymore. I thank the Lord that he delivered me from my fears! My goal is to help others be aware and very strong in this final hour.

Google has patented a "needle free" device that has been dubbed by Gizmodo as "the Vampire Watch." The device uses hyper speeds to suck blood out of your body (literally) and into a negative pressure barrel. Google describes the device as a particle accelerator that you wear around your wrist. The accelerator opens an "aperture" into your body and removes a small quantity of blood without you feeling anything. Some people might think a device like this would be good for anybody suffering with Diabetes or other types of diseases that need frequent monitoring...however, there are many things about this device that should be investigated.

To begin, this device can run a number of tests on your body. Once the tests have been run, the information is stored in microchips contained inside the Vampire Watch. All the information about your body can now be uploaded and absorbed into the WWW matrix which was birthed at CERN in 1989. We know from Revelation 13 that all people will receiving some type of "mark" on their foreheads or in the back of their hands. There are some who debate what this mark could be, whether it is an RFID chip or something else. My opinion is that the "mark" involves hard-wiring the human body to the WWW matrix through a type of technology. Both an RFID and the Vampire Watch would qualify as types of "marks" that somebody could receive in their bodies. The human body has been called the Temple of God on several occasions in scripture.

1 Corinthians 6:19
What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

While Google describes the Vampire Watch device as a particle accelerator, there is a much larger and more famous particle accelerator that is under operation. CERN uses large magnets to accelerate particles to nearly the speed of light. There are several CERN scientists that have come out and suggested that CERN is attempting to open up black holes in their facility. Other scientists have said that something could be on the other side of the black hole, perhaps entities from another dimension.

Lastly, please reject propaganda telling you that it's ok to get an RFID microchip implant. FEMA pastors and some Christian Youtube channels are telling their subscribers that the mark of the beast isn't a chip, and that it's fine for them to get an RFID chip or other implantable technology! BEWARE! You are hard-wiring yourself to the WWW matrix if you do this!!!


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